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Run with the Greensboro Pacesetters!!
If you like to run fast, and jump high and far, come out and join the Greensboro Pacesetters summer track club. Early season training is for the younger athletes, kids 9-12. We work on getting in shape and beginning skills. Give us a call or come see us at the track!

1.      Fill out a membership form and provide 2 copies of your birth certificate or other proof of age. YOU must list Greensboro Pacesetters Track Club as your club. If you do not have our club listed, we can not enter you in Junior Olympic meets.

2.      All Pacesetters must be USATF members.  Your USATF membership number can be obtained at

3. Practice at least 3 times per week.  (You may try Pacesetters for 2 practices before joining).  Hard working athletes of all ages and abilities are welcome.  Plan to work hard and improve.

4.      You must commit to entire summer season in order to participate on a relay team.

5.      The Junior Olympic program is an advancement process.  Participation is required in early meets in order to advance to later meets.

Club dues remain at a very low $40.00 (plus USATF membership fees).  In addition, we ask that you volunteer to help for 8 hours during the cross country season.

If any problems arise, talk to us about them.  We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Financial aid is available.  Please discuss your financial needs with Charlie Brown.  The Pacesetters are committed to providing opportunities to all talented, hard working athletes.

Contact Information:

Charlie Brown

Greensboro Pacesetters Track Club

2304 Gracewood Dr.

Greensboro NC 27408-2509


Practice Times and Locations

Greensboro Pacesetters Track Club

We have a place to practice now.  Due to the generous efforts of Freddie Johnson at Greensboro Day School, we will be there 3 days a week.

The Pacesetters will be practicing at different locations this summer. We are going to try a few new programs and ways to train and compete.

Please check the practice time and location each week as we will vary practice schedules this summer.  This should give us a little more variety of places and ways to train.

As we train at different locations, please do not interfere with the school operations, leave ANY trash around and take care of their property we are using.

Practice         6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Charlie Brown