2008 Cross Country Results

Meet Date Meet Name Results
September 2 Greensboro City/ Guilford County High School Championship

Greensboro City/Guilford County Middle School XC Championships

Boys Individual
Girls Individual
Boys Team
Girls Team

September 13 5-Stage
8-mile High School Relay
8 mile Relay
September 25 25th Annual Greensboro XC Invitational

Enter early – 70 Team Limit for High Schools

* JV Boys Team
* JV Boys Individual
* JV Girls Team
* JV Girls Individual
* HS Boys Dev Team
* HS Boys Dev Individual
* HS Girls Dev Team
* HS Girls Dev Individual
* Inv HS Boys Team
* Inv HS Boys Individual
* Inv HS Girls Team
* Inv HS Girls Individual
* Champs HS Boys Team
* Champs HS Boys Individual
* Champs HS Girls Team
* Champs HS Girls Individual
* Univ Women Team
* Univ Women Individual by division
* Univ Women Individual
* Univ Men Team
* Univ Men Individual by Division
* Univ Men Individual

October 4 Hagan Stone XC Classic

* Boys Champ Ind
* Boys Champ Team
* Girls Champ Ind
* Girls Champ Team
* Boys Dev Ind
* Boys Dev Team
* Girls Dev Ind
* Girls Dev Team
* Univ Men Ind
* Univ Men Ind by Div
* Univ Men Team
* Univ Women Ind
* Univ Women Ind by Div

* JV Overall Ind
* JV by Gender

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