Hagan Stone XC Classic

Hagan Stone XC Classic, Saturday, October 1, 2022

The meet to run for all levels of competition in a less crowded field.

The High School Division might sell out.  Enter your team early and send in the entry fees early.  nc.milesplit.com

Now we have over 1,700 entries on a wonderful day to run fast on.

Great chance to compete in a quality, low-key event with great competition.

Limit of 65 High Schools and 22 colleges

In 2000, Alan Webb from South Lakes High School in Reston, VA shattered the Course Record in 14:36.

Course: 99.97% Grass/Trail

Place: Hagan Stone Park Greensboro, NC

Races: 9:30 am University Men 8K/Open Men 8K

10:15 am University Women 5K/Open Women 5K

10:45 am High School Boys Championship 5K

(Top 30 Teams, 7 Athletes Only)

11:15 am High School Girls Championship 5K

(Top 35 Teams, 7 Athletes Only)

11:45 am Development High School Boys 5K

(Less Competitive Teams, 7 Athletes Only; B Teams
with 5-7 Athletes)

12:15 pm Development High School Girls 5K

(Less Competitive Teams, 7 Athletes Only; B Teams
with 5-7 Athletes)
12:40 pm Junior Varsity High School Boys & Girls 5K

(Everyone not in a previous race) 12:59++ for both boys and girls Middle School 4K They will run together.


College/University/Open Races – Winning Teams receive Unique Hand-Carved Ironwood Trophies

• Top Team D1/Clubs, D2 and D3

• Top 10 Athletes across finish line

High School Championship  9th – 12th grade ONLY

• Top 2 Teams

• Top 21 Placers

High School Development 9th – 12th grade ONLY

• Top 1 Team

• Top 10 Placers

Junior Varsity 9th – 12th grade ONLY

• Top 3 Placers

Middle School

•top 15 boys overall  8th grade and below ONLY

•top 15 girls overall  8th grade and below ONLY



Middle School athletes  ONLY in Middle School race.

Registration:  We will be using Chip Timing this year.  Slight Entry Fee increase to help pay for chips.

Deadline is Sunday, 9:00 PM, September 25, 2022 for online entries.  

College/University Entry Fees
$75.00 for Men’s Teams
$75.00 for Women’s Teams
On-Line Registration Only.
$25.00 Late-Entry Fee if received after Deadline

Clubs in University Races:  $15.00 per athlete maximum of $200 for men’s team and $200 for a women’s team ONLINE only

Middle School Entry Fees
On-Line Registration$ 10.00 per athlete
Race Day Registration $ 15.00 per athlete
$60.00 for Boys Teams  Middle School ONLINE by Deadline
$60.00 for Girls Teams  Middle School  ONLINE by Deadline
On-Line or Race Day Registration for Middle School Teams
Please register High School and Middle School teams separately.
High School Entry Fees
Boys Teams Girls Teams
$80.00 per boys $80 per girls
9th – 12 th grade ONLY 9th – 12th ONLY
Both teams $150
Individuals: $ 15.00 online in advance $20.00 race day
On-Line Registration Only.
$50.00 Late-Entry Fee if received after Deadline
Open Entry Fees
On-Line Registration $ 15.00 per athlete
Race Day Registration $ 20.00 per athlete
On-Line or Race Day Registration for Open Races

REGISTRATION nc.milesplit.com

Special Instructions

High School and Middle Schools are 2 separate teams and you must enter each as a different team.

Do NOT put 8th grade and below as part of the high school team.

If you run an athlete who is 8th grade or below in the high school races, your ENTIRE team is pulled out of the results.  DO NOT do THIS.

We have disqualified teams the last 2 years due to coaches not following instructions or reading.

Enter at www.ncrunners.com  or www.milesplit.com    NC site

For questions or additional information, contact the Meet Director


Races start on time.

High School Races

Coaches can run one B Team in the Development Race. Less competitive teams can put their top 7 in the Development Race. All other runners must be in the Junior Varsity Race.

Teams can move down to the Development Race if they prefer.

Middle School Races

This race is for competitive Middle School athletes only.

Picnic facilities are available at many locations around the park.
Food court will be open for hot dogs, pizza, drinks, etc.

Meet T-Shirts will be available:

$ 15.00 Short-Sleeve
$ 20.00 Long-Sleeve
Unique design – sells out quickly